Unable to debug kirby

Unable to debug kirby on staging server

Hi, I’m trying to move a kirby installation to a staging server. However my root page isn’t showing, instead I’m shown kirby’s ‘Unexpected error’ page, which recommend enabling the debug mode. I’ve added the proper option to the site’s config.php however, I’m still presented withe ‘Unexpected Error’ page.

Is there any other way I can see what’s going wrong with kirby / php on the staging server?

Is there a php error log file on your server? Check it out if there is. Also, try setting Whoops to false

c::set('whoops', false);

in your config.php

There’s no log-file, I’ve tried configuring one, but php is not adding any errors to it, weirdly enough, specific urls (so /about or /contact) work as expected, only the root URL isn’t working…

And what happens if you set whoops to false as suggested?

Turns out it was quite a bit more simple than that, I was using nano on the staging server with no syntax highlighting, turned out I added the c::set(‘debug’,true) in a comment block :sweat_smile:
… as soon as I took care of that everything works as expected…