I cannot debug my code

I cannot debug my code, Ive done something wrong and the site is blank. I cannot see where the error is. In previous versions of Kirby2 I added

c::set('debug', true);

to the config.php and I was able to debug, now I cannot. Any help greatly appreciated


Out of curiosity, do you have anything showing in your error log?

Hi Chris, Where would I find that?

That depends on your distro. Try googling your php error log location for your distro.

I’m developing locally using MAMP. What do you mean by distro?

Ah. Try this.

There should be a log folder in your mamp folder, sitting right next to the htdocs folder.

Or if you’re running MAMP Pro:

Click the PHP tab.

@texnixe Great yes i found that, now I can look in there to see what gone awry.

@chrisburton I followed the instruction in the link and changed display_errors = Off to display_errors = On but the errors still don’t show on the page. Previously they would show using the default page template right on the page

Did you restart MAMP?

Tried it still nothing :confused:

Hmm. Try placing the following in your php.ini file.

error_reporting = E_ALL

Not sure what else to look for. Could be a number of things.

Yep tried that too. Not sure either. If I figure it out I’ll post it here. Thanks for you help

For me, debugging usually works, but there are some errors, which just don’t show up on the page. Sometimes, you can see them in the source code, but if the page is just blank, you have to revert to the error log, and if there is nothing there, then it get’s difficult.

Any news, @ajdemetriades?