Unable to call specific page from site controller

Hi all - I have a controller for my projects page which allows me to filter projects by location. Projects controller below:

return function($page) {

    $locationFilter = param('location');
    $sectorFilter = param('sector');

    $projects  = $page('projects')->children()->listed();
    $location = $projects->pluck('location', ',', true);
    $sector = $projects->pluck('sector', ',', true);

    // filter conditionally
    $projects = $projects
        ->when($locationFilter, fn($locationFilter) => $this->filterBy('location', $locationFilter, ','))
        ->when($sectorFilter, fn($sectorFilter) => $this->filterBy('sector', $sectorFilter, ','));

    return [
        'locationFilter' => $locationFilter,
        'sectorFilter' => $sectorFilter,
        'projects'       => $projects->paginate(99),
        'location'      => $location,
        'sector'      => $sector,


I decided Iā€™d like to extend this feature beyond just the projects page and include a list of all the locations in the footer page for improved seo.

So I changed the projects to be the standard site controller, but if I change

$projects = $page->children()->listed();


$projects = $page('projects')->children()->listed();

I get the following error:

Object of type Kirby\Cms\Page is not callable

How can I call the children of a specific page in this scenario?

Thanks so much

Should be page('projects'), i.e. without the $ in front, you cannot use the variable $page as a function.

Oh gosh thanks so much @texnixe - a nice and simple one for you!