Using $site or $pages in custom page method

How can I use $site or $pages in a custom page method? For instance, a basic method to retrieve a field from the current page’s first-level parent:

page::$methods['section'] = function($page) {
	$url = explode('/', $page->uri());
	return kirby()->site()->pages()->find($url[0])->description();

This won’t work, kirby() is not defined here. Should I just pass in $pages as an extra argument?

Your code above works for me, although kirby()->site()->($url[0])->description() without the pages() bit is enough?

From a pages perspective, you can address the kirby object like this as well:

$page->kirby()->site()-> ...

But that should not be necessary.

You can even use the page() helper:

return page($url[0])->text();

Or use something like this:

page::$methods['section'] = function($page) {
  if($page->parents()->count()) {
    return $page->parents()->last()->title();
  } else {
    return $page->title();

Thanks, I didn’t know about ->last() or the page helper!