Twit for Kirby 3

A little Kirby 3 plugin for reading & displaying your Twitter timeline in your templates.


Just added a small feature that allows you to use a unique cache file per tweet set. Run composer update to get it, or do a manual update :slight_smile:

Thanks for your works.
The screen_name parameter allows us to ask the Twitter API for the tweets from another user. How can I implement the “screen_name” on this plugin?

Not currently, ive been meaning to alter the plugin a little so that you can pass extra options to it. You can do it manually, since the plugin is built on top of TwitterOAth library. What you want to do is possible.

While you are waiting, you can make a minor tweak to the plugin your self to accept the screen name or just hard code it…

Just change line 72

$tweetlist = $twitter->get($type, ['count' => $count, "exclude_replies" => true, "screen_name" => 'YOURSCREENAME']);
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Many thanks, it works :slight_smile:

@andreaballerino I just updated the plugin to accept a screen name, without the little hack above.

Watch out for that when you update via composer :slight_smile:

Made small addition to the plugin. It now has a KirbyTag for adding specific tweets into Textareas.

Just give it a status id:

(twit: 1143433510528737280)

It is snippet powered, so you can change the way it looks and what data from the tweet gets displayed. See the readme.

This is now also finally in the directory.

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