Trouble Upgrading from v1: OnePager

Ok, so a follow up on my question from yesterday. Getting the language part to work was easy.
But now I’m stuck with a new problem: instead of loading the home template the default template is loaded. And I have no clue why. Any ideas?

What’s the name of your .txt file in your home folder?
If it’s default.txt try changing it to home.txt

nope, that’s named correctly.

Would you be able to list here or provide a screenshot of your folders template and content ?

Have you deleted all text files without language extension?



Your file should have a language extension:, home.en.txt, in a multi-lingual installation.

You beat me to it @texnixe :slight_smile:

@bivisual, you can easily do that with a batch rename for instance here: search for .txt and replace by .en.txt by replacing en with your default language code !

Yeah, figured that the moment I put in the screenshot. :astonished:
But apparently that wasn’t the case in V1 - because I come from a working V1 site?

Thanks a lot @texnixe & @Thiousi

Yeah, quite a few things have changed in the meantime …:slight_smile: