Trick or hack? You can actually use fixed width for table layout column width

Officially, you can only set column width as fractions, which leads to a lot of wasted horizontal space for something like the date column.

However, during testing I found that you can actually set fixed width for it such as width: 6.5rem in the blueprint and it’ll work fine.

Not sure if it’s something that’ll guaranteed to work in the future, but for now it works fine.

Still I wish there’s an option to shrink the column to fit, as it’s a much easier and smarter way to utilize horizontal space.

This is how the width is calculated:

  width(fraction) {
      if (typeof fraction !== "string") {
        return "auto";

      if (fraction.includes("/") === false) {
        return fraction;

      return this.$helper.ratio(fraction, "auto", false);

So, yes, it will work as long as this logic doesn’t change.