Control title column width in pages 'table' layout

Can I control the width of the title column in a pages section with ‘table’ layout ?

I tried:

    type: pages
    layout: table
      value: "{{page.title}}"
      width: 1/3 

But it does not work.

Using only width: under text: uses the value of width as title.

I tried manually including a title column under columns:, but it is not clickable.


Try it this way

    type: pages
    layout: table
            width: 1/3

i think the example in the structure field is helpful

oh… what do you mean with “clickable”?

By default the table layout includes a title column, and this title is a link, so it can be clicked to access the page.

As far as my tests go, if I manually add a title column under columns, it is not clickable (at least by default, I guess I could fix it with a method, but seems overkill)


ah i see.

this is my config… the title is still there and clickable

  kategorie: true
    label: datum
    value: "{{'%d.%m.%Y') }}"
    label: Author
    value: "{{ }}"

Yes, but you are not specifying width for it, which was the main point of my question ?

Or am I missing something?

That somehow doesn’t seem to be possible.

On the other hand, if you set up the width of the other columns, you get the difference for the title column, so probably no need to set this explicitly?

I still think It’d make sense to control the width of the title column.

Actually it’d make sense to control other things, such as the numbering, image, etc.

I’ve searched nolt, and found some proposals, and added some of my own, I will list them here as reference and to promote them:

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There are good reasons not to do that:

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