Transparent Field - Count and toggle hidden fields

Transparent Field

Info about hidden fields

I made a field type called “transparent”. It shows some info about hidden fields. Might be useful for someone.

When to use it

  • See if the current page have empty fields.
  • See if the hidden fields have data or are empty.

I use it when I get data from an API that I hide, just to be sure no data is lost on the way. Debugging.

It uses both blueprint and field values from the content.


Download the gist and add it to /site/fields/transparent/transparent.php.

In the blueprint, add this to fields (no label required):

    type: transparent



Until now you could just see how many hidden fields you have and how many of them that are empty.

Show / hide the hidden fields

Now it’s also possible to toggle (show / hide) the hidden fields with a click of a button. The toggle thing is just for hidden fields. All other fields are always shown, as normal.

Default closed state

Open state

Right now I have it on my localhost but if you want this updated field, just add a comment and I’ll create a repository on GitHub.