Translation as button

Hi, I have looked into translating some content. How do I add a language switcher that is a button that on click selects the desired language?


I understand that I create content files (.txt) like this:, site.en.txt. Do I need to list this somewhere else too? Since changing my content files to this the only content which displays now is the page title.

Pagetitle: Workshop


Subheading: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.


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The buttons to switch languages will actually have to be links. The Kirby way of building a language switcher is explained here:

Kirby will take care of outputting content in the selected language for you as long as you have your languages enabled and properly set up, as explained here:

If you do it manually (vs. via the Panel), you need to create the language files in the site/languages, see docs: