Traffic spike on Kirby site


Bit of an odd one - I recently launched a Kirby site for a client, and they had a spike of traffic from Germany on a single day shortly after launch. This is not a usual thing at all for them. It is all desktop traffic, average time less than a second, around 300 visits in the day.

Is this a Kirby license check happening? The client has been confused by it so I said I would chase it up. Traffic on all other days has been totally normal.

Any insight or info you could provide would be great.

I have no idea what the problem is but Kirby servers doesn’t make any requests to your site. License and update checks are done by your site to Kirby servers and on demand.

By the way, if the problem still persists, I would install an analytic service to track it and install cloudflare to prevent possible attacks.

That feels some kind of bot scraping the site or looking for an HTML form, since the page visits we so short.

Did this happen to be just after a Kirby Kosmos was published? If the site was listed in the Kirby in the Wild section, this might be real viisits - alot of the the community are in Germany. But again, id expect longer visit times.