Tracking protection problem with goat counter analytics plugin by adam kiss

hi, i’m trying to use adam kiss’s analytics tool for goat counter. unfortunatly i’m not able to show the analystics in the panel because of the tracking protection:

There’s currently an issue with the Goat Counter where the “access-token → redirect” pattern might be blocked by your browser. You can check in a new tab instead.

adam kiss writes on github:

This is the result of how Goat Counter uses the access token. It creates a cookie and then refreshes the UI. The result is, that if you have cross-site tracking prevention enabled, the [site] will not see the “access-token” cookie and won’t show the analytics. Create an exception for your domain to see the analytics.

i added exceptions for the tracking protection in firefox for both and and i filled in under Sites that can embed GoatCounter in the goat settings. but still it wont show up :frowning:

can anybody help? thanks in advance!

@adamkiss can you help here?

Not really, goat counter still relies on weird redirects/cookie stuff with their public stats pages. I’ll take down the plugin.

Update: I’ve briefly revisited the current state of Goat Counter embedding, and decided that rather than misdirect developers and/or support weird cookie browser stuff, this plugin is now archived; Don’t use it.