Total newbie: putting my Kirby website on OVH

A webdesigner made a wesbite for me using Kirby. I have all the files and want to put it online via OVH. I have the domain name and bought the hosting space. But now I am completely lost: I don’t know what to do next! I have tried googling but even the tutorials from OVH etc. are too technical for me (vocabulary). Could a kind soul help me?

All the best

Basically, you just have to upload all files you received from the webdesigner into your webspace.

You can usually do this from your hosting providers web interface without having to use any other tools.

But if you are completely lost, it might be best to ask this webdesigner to do this for you.


Thanks for your reply. I did read the answer you provided to another user regarding uploading Kirby on OVH, and tried following the tutorial provided by OVH.
The issues I run into is that I had to chose a CMS module when buying the hosting space, and I chose wordpress, even though I don´t need such a CMS since the website was done by my webdesigner and doesn´t need to be updated anymore.
So now when I connect to the FTP file explorer of OVH where I have to upload my files, there are already folders from wordpress and I don´t know what I am allowed to delete or not.

Do you know what would be safe to delete?

Here is a picture of what the www folder contains on my OVH hosting space, before I try to upload my website files.

Remove everything in that folder, these are all WordPress related files

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Hi again,
Thanks for the quick answer. I deleted all these files. Now it´s just a matter of uploading my website folder with all my files, into this www folder, right? Or is there an extra step to make to ensure that the url will point to the right place?

Don’t upload a folder, but the files inside your project folder. Make sure that you also upload the .htaccess file (it’s a file that is usually hidden in the file system, so you need to make hidden files visible first (on a Mac with CMD + SHIFT + .)

Thanks again for your quick reply. I ccan see my .htaccess so that is not a problem.
However, my website folder contains many subfolders within subfolders. Do I understand you correctly; that I have to extract all the files from every folder and upload them just like that? So without a structure to organise these files?

Here is a screenshot of the content of my website folder from my computer:

No, that is a misunderstanding. What I meant was that you need to upload this structure as is, just not the parent folder as a whole so you don’t end up with a single folder within your doc root.

Hi again,
Thanks for your quick help! I have a small issue: I can’t seem to be able to upload folders, only files. So for example I can’t upload my assets folder but only what it contains. There is an option to add zip folders but when I tried it it said my zip folder was too large. Any idea how to fix this?

Thanks again for your time

Screenshot of where I am supposed to upload my files + folders:

Hm, too bad. You could try and zip the individual folders.

Other than that, you could use a tool like the Filezilla client:

Connect with your SFTP credentials and then upload the files/folders that way.

I see an unzip button there in the OVH web FTP client. I would zip your project up (all the files in the root folder where the .htaccess and index.php files are.).

If you are on a mac i would reccomened Keka to zip the files up becuse its capable of stripping out mac only meta files ike DS_Store etc. You dont want those on the server. Keka - the macOS file archiver

Unzipping a zip file on the server is usually much faster then sending the individual files by SFTP.

Dont include the media folder in the zip file. This might get you passed the too large file message, and they will get regenerated on the server anyway.

Hi, thanks for your suggestion, I did try what you explained but the zip file was still too big for OVH. In the end I managed to upload everything via Filezilla, so that was the solution. A huuuuge thanks to both of you who helped with this!!! @texnixe