To stupid to install a plugin?

Hi everybody. I installed to plugins in my plugins folder by downloading them, removing the “-master” from their folders name and dropping them to my site/plugins. But I don’t get them running. Do I have to do additional stuff?

I think they are not loading because of the following issues:

->kirbytext() works, but ->kirbytextRaw() just renders plain text

throw new Exception(‘The ’ . $type . ’ field is missing. Please add it to your installed fields or remove it from your blueprint’);


The folder of the selector field must be called field-selector, the other one kirbytextraw. Plugins always must have the name of the (main) php file inside.

thank you!
a hint for installing plugins wasn’t anywhere to be found.

Usually, each plugin has a readme file (or at least should have one) that tells you how to install the plugin. But true, the docs are more about creating plugins than installing them.

… both contained one. but not a word about renaming. anyway … now I’m happy.

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FWIW: I’ve always had problems with the kirbytextRaw plugin on my production server because of case sensitivity: either rename its directory to kirbytextraw, or rename the plugin php file to kirbytextRaw.php to match the case.

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@bvdputte Good catch. Strange that the plugin uses a camelCased folder name but not a camelCased file name, I think that should be changed.

WOW ! Thanks a lot :pray:

I encountered exactly the same problem, without understanding why it worked on my local server but not online! Becoming crazy.

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