To create accent insensitive search?

I don’t seem to be able to find any information about this here.

I have implemented a search function, following the instruction on the docs.
While everything works as expected, the only thing is that it’s accent sensitive.

Let’s say you have a post tiled “my new résumé”.
If you run a site wide search with /?q=résumé , the post would show up, whereas /?q=resume would not.
Would there be an easy way to solve this and have both queries to turn up the post?

Thanks in advance!

Currently that’s not possible. The search() method ignores case but doesn’t treat an accented char like a non-accented one.

In the future there could be an option though. Could you please create an issue in the Kirby repository on GitHub with a link to this thread?

@lukasbestle Just did. thanks.

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Marking this thread as solved.
Please continue discussion over on GitHub if you can.