Search feature with accents/diacritics

Hi everyone,
How would you use the built-in search feature with languages that use accents?

For example, I have a page that has the title Obéir. If I search for Obéir or obéir, it works. But not if I search for obeir which would be a pretty common behaviour. It seems that you can’t modify the results from the fields, right ?

Thanks a lot

I don’t think there is an option for this, although the discussion already came up in Kirby 2 and there is an ideas issue for Kirby 3 which you can upvote:

You could implement your own search method as a custom site/pages/files method.


This issues concern the panel but is this will also solve the issue with the search() method ?


Yes of course. Already the panel uses the core search() method.

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