Timeline / Archive web site recommended best Kirby approach

Hello everyone. I’m a complete Kirby noob. But I’ve finally got a client that shares my general distain for WordPress. So I thought it would be a great opportunity to give Kirby a go.

The site that I’m starting work on will act as a historic archive for local artists (perhaps over 200 of them) that span over 100 years. The idea is to have a timeline on the home page that will act as a portal to view the various artists profiles and work from the timeline. Besides artists there will also be other various “events” added to the timeline as well.

So I’m wondering if, given the fact that the client wants to be sure that the data is useful for other purposes and needs it exportable as at least CSV, and that there will be requirements that the artist data be filterable/searchable, if it makes more sense to use Kirby with a traditional DB? Or does its flat file system lend itself well to this sort of use? Just wanting to be sure that I’m not painting myself into any corners.

Thanks everyone!

Sorting works. Exporting to CSV can be done.

What quantity of “events” and “historical items” are we talking about? Unless we’re talking a multitude of thousands of entries in a single folder, the flat file system should cope just fine :wink:

Yes, since you can access each field in each content text file via Kirby’s API or plain PHP, you are open to export your content to basically any format, be it CSV, JSON, or to a database. If Kirby’s file system ever gets slow, you can also add an SQLite database for indexing.

Also, people have used Kirby as a backend only, and done all sorts of stuff by accessing Kirby as a JSON API. So the data is never locked in and you are free to use it in any way you can imagine.

As regards Kirby’s filtering capabilities, you may want to check out this recipe:https://getkirby.com/docs/cookbook/filtering

Searching: Depending on your requirements, Kirby’s built-in search functionality might suffice. If not, you can always add external services.

What are the other purposes likely to be?

Thank you. I believe it will be in the 200 - 400 range

That is a quantity of data that can easily be handled by Kirby, even in a single folder without a tree structure.

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Thanks for your reply. My idea is to build it as a SPA using Vue and have already found this link to get me started down that route.

And I’ve also found a couple of JSON API plugins like this one:

I might just handle most of the filtering on the frontend with Vue but its good to know how easy it is to filter server side as well. That filtering cookbook entry looks very useful.

Thanks again!