Thumb files seems to function ineffective

So I have an image tag as follows

<img src="<?= $image->thumb(['quality' => 10, 'crop' => 'center', 'blur' => 100])->url() ?>" data-src="<?= $image->thumb(['quality' => 75, 'crop' => 'center'])->url() ?>" alt="<?= $image->alt() ?>" class="c-album__img j-lazy">

When I lazy load these and look at the network tab, the supposed blurred image with a quality of 10 can sometimes be larger than the normal images with no blurring and a quality of 75. After inspection blurring doesn’t work on some of my images (seems to relate to image size).

Can someone explain the thumbs function to me? Why doesn’t it just work all the time for all images? Some of the larger images don’t get blurred at all.

If I disable lazy load so that only the src placeholder images is displayed (before it gets replaced with the full image) you can see that only 2 out of the 6 images in shot are blurred. All images run off the same loop using the same image code above.

Maybe the server is running out of memory? After all, it works for some images… What are your memory settings? Which thumb driver have you configured in your config.

I’m developing locally, and I have set no thumb driver in the config (so GD I guess).

Does/should it overwrite/regenerate images if they have the same file name inside the media folder?

If you haven’t configured a driver, then GD is the default. I suggest you switch to IM if it is installed on your system.

Probably not, maybe only if the image has been changed.

Hmmm deleting the media folder and regenerating the images didn’t make any difference, and I’m not sure about installing imagemagick.

Is editing the image output still the same as kirby 2? I might just go the imgix route again…

No, but have a look at the website, it uses Cloudinary, not imgix, but the process is the same: How we built | Kirby CMS

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