The first Kosmos episode for 2018 will be out soon


Hello everyone, hope you had a good start into the new year :tada:

While the year is still young, I’ve been busy collecting news around Kirby and beyond and it’s only a few hours until the first episode is going out to all subscribers.

There’s still time to get your email on the list if you don’t want to wait long weeks until the latest version is published on our blog :wink:



It’s like friday candy! :slight_smile:

I personally don’t read “Kirby in the wild” and “Themes” that much, but I really love the rest of it. From this episode I expecially like the ideas behind Undraw, Array Explorer and Insomnia. Also it’s interesting to read anything about the future of the web.

The things I did not understand at first sight was Glyphhanger, Specificity Visualizer and TLDR pages. But I like that mix.

So yeah, nice work. I would like to have them daily. :wink:


Maybe I spoiled some things from the newsletter. But I did not mentioned half of it, so if you out there have not subscribed to it yet, do it now. :slight_smile:


Thanks for your feedback, @jenstornell, I appreciate it :slightly_smiling_face:


Really enjoyed the first 2018 issue, Kirby Kosmos is almost like the little brother of WDRL!


–Where can I read this episode? I’m subscribed to the list, but can’t seem to find it anywhere?–

Nevermind… found it! :blush:


Have you confirmed you subscription? If you send mir your subscription Email in a PM, I can check. Have you also checked your spam folder?


Got lost in my email… reading it right now! Thanks!