The blueprint "pages/" could not be loaded

Hi, don’t know if I’m allowed to ask plugin-related questions here too but maybe somebody ran into this issue as well.

I’m using the plugin “Custom Add Fields”

steirico/ kirby-plugin-custom-add-fields

All of a sudden it gives me this error/dialog whenever I’m trying to add a new page.
"The blueprint "pages/" could not be loaded" plugin

It’s happening even if I’m using a fresh, untouched blueprint-folder or an untouched site-folder from the starter kit without referencing the plugin. Or if I’m using another account.
It hasn’t happened before, just recently.
The error doesn’t show if I’m adding a new subpage within a page.

Creating a page works well, as soon as I remove the plugin from the plugins folder.

Did anyone run into this issue as well?


Ok, I don’t know why, but it works again. I absolutely don’t know why. Should I delete this question?

I just added the plugin and could reproduce your issue. Have to try and check if it goes away after deleting sessions.

Edit: No, still same issue. Have to test again later with fresh Starterkit.

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This plugin seems to be broken in the latest Kirby update.

New error when creating a page (even without referencing the plugin):

undefined is not an object (evaluating 'data.content.addFields = undefined')

I created an issue on GitHub:

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here my comments about these bugs.

v1.2.1 should fix it.


Update to v1.2.2 for more bug fixes, please.