Templates not loading

I’m having a strange, never experienced before and hard to describe problem that I can’t figure out myself.

Project is running on
PHP 8.0.13
Debugging is on.
kirby/router on MacOS Monterey (updated from Bigsur just before the problem occured for the first time)

Instead of the template, default.php is loaded for some pages. Blueprints for the pages that are affected are also not loaded. (screenshot) attached. I can tell which pages are affected as they will be all lowercase in my menu as well as the panel. Only 3 out of 10 pages are affected. Restarting my machine is sometimes clearing the problem until it strikes again (I cannot link it to something that I’m always doing when it happens).

Sound a bit like a caching problem to me, but no clue how to fix it. I even created a new instance, copying only the templates, blueprints and content files. Same problem after all.

The weirdest is the error message when trying to open the page in the panel.

I’m stuck!

Have a look at the content .txt files for those pages, maybe post a screenshot of the page folder structure.

Thanks Sonja, but they are perfectly fine and in place.

The error message seems to suggest something else. I’d rather see for myself, that’s why I asked for a screenshot of the folder structure.

Bildschirmfoto 2021-12-17 um 11.36.47

So there are only those to references text files in the references folder (apart fromt he subfolders)?

Dear Sonja, I’m pretty sure it has something todo with the OSX version. I transferred the project onto my old Macbook - that is still running 11.5.2 (Big Sur) and PHP 7.4.27. - and its running just fine, without the described problem.

As I mentioned before, the problem started after updating to OSX 12.1 (Monterey) with php 8

I think I found the reason.

The folder that I was storing my projects is being replicated into my iCloud. Taking it out of the iCloud coverage, cleared the problem as far as I can tell.