Issue getting page display when controller for page template is set

This is a pretty strange issue I’m having. I currently have 2 page’s that wont pull through any data, and kirby isn’t throwing any errors. Inspecting the pages just shows empty html head and body tags.

If I delete the controller files I have for them which use shared data they will display. I’ve experimented with the controller code and tried making them so they weren’t shared and used arbitrary values and it doesn’t seem to care what data is actually in the controller, just that it exists if that makes sense.

All of my pages load fine locally but I’m on windows and the server is on linux. I’m thinking it has something to do with them being nested pages maybe?

Some code would be helpful? Or are you using capital letters for file names, a typical “it runs on my windows machine but not on the server” problem.

it wasn’t uppercase characters in the files… was spaces at the top of my controller file before the php tag. Didn’t realize that about php as I’m a noob lol