Template for case studies

I have 40 case studies. I want them to share the same case study template. To do this the .txt files within my 40 case studies should all be called the same name “case-study.txt” for example and then I create a case-study.php template file?

Won’t calling the files the same name lead to confusion? If I have all 40 open in my editor, or even half-a-dozen, it will be hard to tell which one I am working on, because they all have the same name?

(I thought the .txt file was suppose to have the same name as the folder it sits in?)

Nope. All pages sit in folders. The folder names (of the same parent) must have different names. The .txt files that should use the same template should have the same name, e.g all case studies would use case-studies.txt (and a blueprint of the same name if applicable), all blog posts could be post.txt, but of course, the same parent can also have children with different content file names.

Well, if you really work on 40 files at the same time, that can get confusing, but this is not usually the case. In your project overview you will always see where you are in the file tree…