Tag count using blog controller and Pagination

Greetings Folk,

my name is Richard and i am an Kirby CMS /PHP newbie.

I work since one year on my small Blog, witch i want do deploy this year.
I writted already some tutorial in word and want to publish it this year on my website.

Kibry is great!

Now i have some small problem/requirement.
I made some Screenshots of the UI to explain my Problem.

On my website i have an header and footer Element what is shown in every site of the small website. See picture down in the post.

Now i want to show on every site all articels sorted by categorie filter. The problem is that i have an pagination and the filter shows only the articels of the actuell website. I hope iam detailed enough.

How i can show all articel per Number in the FIlter on every site?

This is my code for the front-End: blog-Entry is my container for all articels.

          <?php foreach($tags as $tag): ?>
              <a href="<?= url($page->url(), ['params' => ['tag' => $tag]]) ?>">
                <?= html($tag) ?>
                <?= $blog_entry->filterBy('tags', $tag, ',')->count() ?>
          <?php endforeach ?>

Have any one an Idea?

01_Tag-Filter in header of website

Hello there i got the solution : D.

I used the index function of kirby

$test = $page->index();
  <?= $test->filterBy('tags', $tag, ',')->count()  ?>

Thanx - post can get closed.