SVG-Uploads are not visible in panel

Hi, I have created an media upload page and it is working so far, I can upload jpg-, png-, pdf- and svg-files. But I can’t see the svg-files in the panel. The blueprint looks like this:

title: Uploads
icon: 📖

    label: Uploads
    type: files
    uploads: files
    layout: cards
    info: "{{ file.dimensions }}"
    template: image
    search: true
      cover: true
      ratio: 7/4
      back: black

Any idea why svg-files aren’t visible there?

what does that site/blueprints/files/files.yml file look like?

also i think the template should be under uploads to work

  template: image

and then the site/blueprints/files/files.yml would not be used anymore but site/blueprints/files/image.yml

This is a files field, not a files section, so the images uploaded to this field don’t show up automatically.

But do you get an error when trying to upload svg files? Are they actually uploaded to the page folder?

Thanks for your replies @bnomei and @texnixe . It looks like something was messed up yesterday. When I tried again today, uploading svg files worked and the files showed up in the panel as expected.