Subpages are not visible

Hello All

I’ve created some subpages in my Kirby CMS. Put after I’ve published them, they are not visible in the menu of the pages.

Could someone help me?

Kind Regards


Are you using Kirby 3? What is the code you are using for the menu?

Please post your page structure (indicating which pages you want to show in the menu) and the code for the menu.

I suspect your menu only outputs main pages not subpages.

Thanks a lot for your questions. I’m an absolutly newby on Kirby. I’ve downloaded Kirby3 and created a page with this structure:



For me it was not clear, that I need to code something to show the subpages…I can see the main page Technet but no subpage. When I choose the subpage in the panel, it displays the html page…

Do you have a code sample which I can use, to show the subpages? Sorry for this dummy question…

Kind Regards


You can find some examples here:

The nested menu is probably what you need.

Many solutions you can find at Brad Frost: Responsive Resources - Navigation, if you code it yourself.