Subfolders for uploads?

Is it possible to save certain uploads in a subfolder?
Background is the following, I want to create settings for certain blueprints which are intended for the page layout. And these uploads are not available for selection in the file selection for galleries or similar.

Example: Home β†’ Settings β†’ Gallery

Here images are uploaded which should be displayed as slider in the upper part of the page.

Yes, you can use subfolders, but I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it, because you would end up with subpages that you would have to remove from a children list or make sure that these pages don’t show up in search results. Better use different file templates per section/files field.

So a gallery section would get a template gallery assigned, a cover field a template cover etc. You can then filter by these templates in the frontend.

And I can realize that with blueprints? With the corresponding templates?

Or would I have to give the so-called subpages a .htaccess to be able to exclude them then?

What I meant was:

For sections: Files section | Kirby CMS
For files fields: Files | Kirby CMS