Structure Toogle/checkbox style in panel


is it possible to display something meaningful in a structure(table) overview in panel for field types toggle and/or checkbox?
true/false and nothing/1 doesn’t look that good.

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What would you like to display instead?

The text from the text option would be ideal.
From the docs:

Available text options are
The options are automatically translated.

    label: Is this a featured page?
    type: toggle
    text: yes/no

The field content will be ‘true’ or ‘false’

This is what’s visible at the moment.

Maybe the Snippet Field is an option, haven’t tested it, though.

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This field work exactly like the structure field. In fact it’s a copy of it with some important changes.

I’ll try to do it the the same way as the snippet field ( copy… change) but just for my little use case.

thank you!