In structure field it's different behavior on boolean kind of values

I’ve tested the structure field to see exactly what it output in the content text file. For the boolean I’ve noticed a difference.

For the checkbox field:

test: "0"


test: "1"

For the toggle field:

test: 'false'


test: 'true'

Is there a reason why different values are used? Also the there is double quotes on the first one and single quotes on the second one.

This different behavior 0/1 vs false/true is no different from the behavior outside structure fields, apart from the quotes.

Alright. I have done some more testing and it just gives me more questions.

A number field (inside a structure):

test: "123"

A text field (inside a structure)

test: abc

Why quotes on numbers? I don’t really care about quotes, but I think it’s a bit annoying when they are different for no reason, if that’s the case. Yes, I’m picky sometimes.:slight_smile: