Structure closing on click outside of structure form


I’m interested in your opinions on the fact that opened structures are closing upon a click outside the structure form and maybe some suggestions for improvement of the behaviour (if necessary). I personally am not a friend this functionality due to the following reasons:

  1. Ever so often when I am (or customers are) adding data to a structure in the panel, I click somewhere outside the structure and the form closes. So I have to re-open it for further input.

  2. The problem is amplified when using nested structures. In this case, a click at a wrong spot closes the nested structure as well as the parent structure and the entered data is lost having to start over again. I agree that nested structures are not the pinnacle of UI design, but I actually use them quite frequently.

  3. The closing functionality of structure forms is provided by a div with class k-structure-backdrop. When this is clicked the form closes. However, the height of this div is 100vh, meaning that if you scroll and then click somewhere outside of the structure form, the behaviour is inconsistent. If you click somewhere on the backdrop div, the form closes. If you click below it, nothing happens.

I am personally inclined to disregard the backdrop altogether by dumbly setting the css to display: none . Then the form cannot be closed quickly by a click outside, but I like this behaviour better than the default as it prevents accidental data loss (point 2 above).

Questions: Are my structures just too large and am I using nested structures too frequently (sometimes they appear inevitable to me) so that I should re-think my panel layouts? Are you running into the same kind of issues? How are you handling this?

Known issue about losing data: