Strange slug translation of "ä"

I’m working with some people in Iceland and we were having trouble translating thorn (Þ, þ) in our URLs. The character would be simply omitted. I added the following to my config.php file.

str::$ascii = a::merge(str::$ascii,
    '/Þ/' => 'Th',
    '/þ/' => 'th',

It looks like while eth (Ð, ð) is supported, thorn appears to be missing from the array.

I want to reopen that thread.
In Kirby 3 the odd conversion is:

äÄ => a
öÖ => o

but should that not be like this?

äÄ => ae
öÖ => oe

How can we implement this?

You can set the slug language in your config:


Great. Missed that option!