Strange Panel behavior (License and Language Switch)

I registered it on localhost and there was everything fine. But on real server I still get this message. Do I have somehow to unregister the localhost?

Have you registered again on the live server?

Yes… and got a “Thank you for supporting Kriby” but the no license message is still there

… I also see no languages on the settings screen and been unable to switsch languages in the panel

Have you set languages to true in your config.php?

As regards the license, try deleting the .license file in the config folder, then register again

The license issue seams to be solved now. But the language issue is still there. here is the config…


return [
‘debug’ => false,
‘languages’ => true,
‘language.detect’ => true,

I see the langues on the settings screen within the panel and the lang switcher is also there but if I use them nothing happens. And the most strange thing is… I see some pages in german and some in english (within the panel… the website itself works fine)

I think it should be languages.detect (with the s), but that shouldn’t case the issue.

Hm, have you checked your content files? Do all pages have the language extensions?

Yes all files are there… I also replaced them several times. And I noticed that the license issue still there in chrome. But works in FF. And the whole site works on localhost and an other server without any problems.

License: Maybe a browser plugin? Or a caching issue?

Languages: If it works on localhost and on another server, what are the differences between these environment (PHP version, web server, caching etc.) Looks like the site itself is ok then, rather a server issue.

PHP versions are 7.1.6 (on not working server) and 7.3.3 (on working server)
All the required extentions are anabled ( mbstring, curl, ctype, gd)

But there is an additional note on the 7.1.6 Version

with the ionCube PHP Loader (enabled) + Intrusion Protection from (unconfigured) v10.2.1, Copyright © 2002-2018, by ionCube Ltd.
with Zend OPcache v7.1.6, Copyright © 1999-2017, by Zend Technologies

what ever it means

Maybe an Opcache issue?

oh this looks very promissing but with this entry I get an 500 error

Maybe you can switch the cache off in your hoster’s control panel (cPanel) or whatever they use? If in doubt, contact their support.

I have no access to the server config but contacted the hoster… thank you very much sofar… will post the end of the story here

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the hoster told me to add ini_set('opcache.enable', '0'); to the index.php
For me it has no effect but for the client it works. So it’s not 100% clear but it looks like Kirby 3 Panel has problems with OPcache.

In my localhost environment, the Panel works fine with OpCache enabled. It probably depends on the settings. But what do I know…