Strange behaving of css()

I try to port an existing website to kirby.
First I followed the kirbys beginners tutorials and I created a one pager base.
The sections of the one pager are stored in snippets.
Everything worked fine.

Then I started moving the parts from the existing site to the kirby template and snippet files.

In the head-tag of site/templates/home.php I call some css files with the css helper:

<!-- CSS -->
<?= css('assets/css/contact.css') ?>
<?= css('assets/css/gallery.css') ?>
<!-- Font Awesome Icons -->
<?= css('assests/vendor/fontawesome-free/css/all.min.css') ?>
<!-- Plugin CSS -->
<?= css('assests/vendor/magnific-popup/magnific-popup.css') ?>
<!-- Theme CSS - Includes Bootstrap -->
<?= css('assets/css/creative.css') ?>
<!-- SIAG Custom CSS -->
<?= css('assets/css/custom.css') ?>
<!-- Animate CSS to animate elements-->
<?= css('assets/css/animations.css') ?>

When I load the page then strange chars are shown (I guess somewhere I did not close a tag correctly) and the css-tags load very slow.

But why moves kirby all the css-tags in the body-tag? How is this possible if the css markup is in the head-tag?

Even when I delete the css-part in the head-tag of site/templates/home.php then kirby still loads it.
Also when I stop and restart the local server.
How can this be? The information is delete. Or is there some caching going on?

I’m sorry if all looks a bit chaotic, but maybe some can point me to the right direction?

Kind regards

Do you load a header snippet in your template? And where are those empty lines coming from? It would help more if you post the complete template rather than just the part where you load the css files.

Cannot reproduce it at the moment, I did undo everything :slight_smile:
I will try it again later.