Css not loading

I am using the echo css(’@auto’); snippet to load page-specific .css files. However, the css is not being loaded. When I view source, the stylesheet element is not being rendered. I’m not sure if its a web server caching issue or not, but any help is appreciated.


Have you put the file into the correct folder?

yes…I have a test template called about2.php. Corresponding css file is in assets/css/templates/about2.css. Seems like a caching issue on the server or something.

And the page your are opening has a text file called about2.txt in it?

I have an about2.yml file in blueprints. Is that what your asking? Client is running Kirby 2.3. All runs fine locally, just not when I test on the live server.

No, I was asking about the text file. But if the page was created using the about2.yml file the txt file in the content folder will likely be called about2.txt I guess.

Have you cleared the browser cache? Kirby’s cache folder in site/cache?

text file in contents\about2 folder is about2.en.md

I think 2.3 uses the .md extension not .txt. I will check the cache folder. thanks

looks like clearing the cache did the trick. Thanks so much. Was about to pull out the rest of my hair…LOL

Don’t you do that…:scream: