Storing user id instead of user email

Hi, I wonder if it’s possibile to store the userID as a unique identifier of the author of the post instead of user’s email. Thanks

No, I don’t think this is possible (unless you create a custom field).

I wonder if this actually makes sense. From what I see how the Id is created, it is just a random string with no connection to the actual user. So if you’d have to recreate your users for some reason, the relation between your users and the user ID would get lost.

The user ID can be a hash of his email. That should be unique and should could be recreated, of course in a custom, additional field of the user.

Up to version 3.2.5, Kirby stored users email addresses in the content file. From version 3.3.0, the user ID will be stored instead. Existing entries will be converted automatically the next time a page/file/user with a users field is saved. This should not affect your template code or email values set as defaults in your blueprints.

Thank you…