If a user change his email, what happens to his posts?

Should I launch the script “update-user-fields.php” (I already used it for the migration from K2)? It better to create another user?

You are talking about references you attached to each post via a users field, right? Currently, you would have to update the reference in each post via a script, e.g. using the user.update:after() hook.

There is an issue that when implemented would let us store the user ID instead of the email, but that’s future…

Thank you, I totally agree with the issue…

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Hmmm. I’d love to see it use a UserID or Username by default instead of email addresses.

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If anything, then the ID or a custom unique identifier make sense, nothing that can be changed by the user. The email is ok as well if you prevent the user from changing it via permission settings.