Statify making links relative but absolute paths desires

I’m using @bastianallgeier’s statify.php script to generate a static version of my Kirby site and it’s working perfectly except that the paths it generates are relative rather than absolute.

For example, the path to the about page is being output as /about rather than The same is true for thumbs and assets generated using the correct Kirby tags.

I’ve tested the statify script on the latest version of the Starterkit and the same issue occurs there.

Can anyone suggest a way to force the statify script to produce absolute paths? This would be super helpful.


@bravokilecho - I actually have the opposite issue: statify makes the links absolute - only. I may be using a different (later) version of the script compared to you.

To make a truly portable and static version of the the page, so that I can load the page from a folder, or anywhere from a web server structure, I don’t want links like http://localhost/this/that/index.html but instead ./this/that/index.html or ../../index.html to get back.

The static generated today works perfectly as long as I have the same structure on the server, but I still do need a webserver running. I think there are other ways to make static pages though.

Btw, the statify script is pretty simple, so should not be difficult to modify.