Statify with Markdown

@bastianallgeier This gist you made is so nearly perfect for my needs. For some reason it’s not processing Markdown for me though. Is there a way to easily fix?

Oh, this is cool, didn’t know it existed. I will test it on my current project which is probably just fine as a static site.

Thanks! Here’s a screenshot showing where the unprocessed markdown came into play:

The script statify.php also generates errors while

c::set('smartypants', true);

is turned on in the config.php.

Then tested with an original “kirby-nightly-2.1.0 - 2015-07-02 19:46:18” (without any changes) this shows the same errors…

Oh man, this would be super useful for grunt tasks like uncss


Just waiting, and hoping :leaves:


I’ve just updated the script to work with Kirby 2.1 :slight_smile:


I just tested it, and it works great. I’m so excited. This has a lot of potential.
Thanks so much! :smiley: