Starterkit: change *.php to *.yml for all blueprint files?

Since Kirby 2.2 ( we can use filenames like *.yml or *.yaml for our blueprint files.
This is very fine to benefit from automatic syntax highlighting in many editors.

What’s about changing the filenames of the blueprint files in the demo content of the Kirby’s Starterkit from *.php to *.yml?
And deleting the first line ("<?php if(!defined('KIRBY')) exit ?>") in these files of course…

Thanks for the feedback. I have created a feature request on GitHub.

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Another question:
I can not find

size:  large


Is this a possible property of

         label: Text
         type:  textarea

at ?

It has been in the blueprints of the starterkit for quite some time. But I actually think it’s not really an option of the textarea field.

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The reason might be that it was a valid option in Kirby 1 times. Maybe we should remove it from the starterkit.


Yes, we should. The textarea field is autosizing anyway, so such an option does not make sense.


Thanks from all Kirby newbies and me!

Please create a feature request on GitHub for the blueprints: error.* and home.*

Thanks @texnixe for your PR!

But whats about the other *kits like
Are they updated depending on starterkit?