Starter Dockerfile for Kirby

I’m giving Zeit Now a try (deploy from commandline tool). No configuration is required for static websites, but to run kirby I’m required to use a Dockerfile, which I’m new to.

I think I get the general idea of Docker, but still tinkering with Dockerfile configuration. I have little experience installing server software.

Would you share some Dockerfile example, or kirby-specific tutorial to throw some light?

P.D.: didn’t help, too much overly configurated examples.


An official base Dockerfile file would be awesome. Similar to starter kit, but for Docker. Right?

Did you ever figure out a Dockerfile for this?

No. It serms to me that Kirby can’t be used on Zeit Now. But it might work on something like Digital Ocean. Can’t point to any specific dxample though.

See also this issue:

But if you use google with search term “dockerfile getirby” you will find some examples.

As regards Digital Ocean, also see this thread: Help with Installing Kirby on DigitalOcean