Something's Cooking ..... 😲


Looks interesting. Want to write something about it?

  • Is it an alternative to the structure field? If so, what will be the differences?
  • Is it a screenshot of something real, or just an image?

It´s something real allright, think ACF ; ), but I am not the godfather of this plugin, just a helping hand, so my lips are sealed… :yum:

I think it’s one of the hardest kind of fields to do right. It’s often much more work than it seems. But I really hope you succeed or whoever writes this thing.

I really like the structure field but it uses a modal and does not support nested fields. So another field for it or a better structure field in the future would be nice.

No modals, nest forever…

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psst… (beta) !

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###This looks very cool!

I am using the SnippetField plugin at this moment, for creating complex forms (with display logic, etc…).

It also looks like the Extended Structure Builder which I used before.

All those goodies are cool :stuck_out_tongue: they all have there perfect user-case scenario!

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Yup but here you can nest forever, no end to possibilities and… wait for it… no modals ! :mask:


Like I said - very cool; it looks like this field is merging all the others :stuck_out_tongue:

Just wanna do a big shoutout to the author of this plugin mr. frekw ! :clap:

Hey Brave Monkey c:, it is Really Interesting and i think its really Helpfull For Someone :smiley:

It’s great that you @A_Monkey give us this news, but why don’t frekw vistit this forum himself? Is he shy? Busy maybe?

Why don´t you ask him ? I think he is a very busy man :sweat: our fellow swede :pill: !
Just thougt I post it here so we all can contribute.

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Looks like Craft CMS matrix field. Pretty sweet!

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Hey, I’m the author.

I’ve been holding off posting this on the forums because I wanted it to be stable enough before announcing anything (and I’m still finding bugs :)).

Not really sure what more to say – I tried building the CMS functionality I’ve always wanted, both for editor and dev workflows.

Hope you guys enjoy it!


Make it really great and I would pay for it. Really! I’m searching something like this (like The section field does a really good job but it’s partly not visual enough.

I’ll try that out. And when you’re finished this plugin, call me to pay you :slight_smile:

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