Smartypants uses deprecated constructor (PHP 7.0)


After reading about the performance increase of Kirby when using PHP 7.0, I upgraded my local development environment to PHP 7.0!

But now I get the following deprecated notice:

Deprecated: Methods with the same name as their class will not be constructors in a future version of PHP; SmartyPants_Parser has a deprecated constructor in /Users/jonathan/Sites/local.altair/kirby/vendors/smartypants.php on line 64

Yes, I know it’s still working and I only get the notice locally because I have set debug to true (c::set('debug', true);), but I would like to make sure it will be working in future versions of PHP 7.0 now…

I know it’s developed by Michel Fortin, but it hasn’t been updated since early 2013, and @bastianallgeier made some alterations to be able to set some variables in the config, so something to update/solve ourselves?

For the record, I’m using Kirby v2.2.3. and run PHP v7.0.2.


There was an issue on GitHub about this. It seems like a new version of the parser is coming.

Thanks @lukasbestle for letting me know… then I’ll wait for an update of the Smartypants parser :wink: