Small Blueprint Bug with the Help Text

I think I found a tiny bug.

See how “Email” is capitalized in the help text:

…but it’s not capitalized in my blueprint field file:

  en: Points of Contact
  es_ES: Puntos de Contacto
  de: Contactpunten
type: structure
help: contactPoint (Array)
    label: Type
    type: text
    help: contactType
    label: Email
    type: email
    help: email

Interesting, seems to only happen with “email” not when changing it to “mail” for example. That happens because I18n::translate($help) returns the translated string for the key email, will also happens with all help text that is the same as strings for which translation keys exist. However, help text consisting of a single word seems somehow useless… You might as well not add any help text at all if it’s the same as the label?

The help text is referencing the schema property which, in this case, happens to just be “email”.

I see. As a workaround you could wrap your text in a span tag:

help: <span>email</span>

Feel free to create an issue on GitHub.

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That worked! Thank you!