Slug Modifier - CLOSED

Slug Modifier

Version 0.1

When adding a new page in the panel the slug is generated (with javascript).

This plugin makes it possible to change matches inside the slug.

It can be helpful in these cases:

  • When odd characters are translated to unwanted characters.
  • For SEO purposes by removing or replacing some words.
  • For shorterning long slugs.


  1. Add the folder slug-modifier in site/plugins/.
  2. Add options. See below.


Replace items

To replace items, add an array in an option, like this:

c::set('plugin.slug.modifier.replace.items', array(
	'test' => 'haha',
	'lol' => 'laugh'

Remove items

To remove item, add an array in an option, like this:

c::set('plugin.slug.modifier.remove.items', array('aaa', 'bbb'));


There are something called sets included in the plugin. They are predefined and follow the plugin.

c::set('plugin.slug.modifier.set', 'sv');

Available sets


Right now there are only one available set.

Known issues

The Kirby Panel does only replace the first match, not the rest.


Kirby 2.2



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Good point! Forgot about it. :grinning:

This plugin has been shut down. It was not working with the latest version of Kirby. I think it should be solved in the core instead

Maybe close this post?