Changing the panel slug with a plugin doesnt change the links in the panel

Hi there,

i noticed a problem with replaced slugs in the index.php of a plugin.
I did the following:

  'options' => [
    'panel' => [
      'css' => 'src/css/panel.css',
      'slug' => 'admin'
// code goes on

This works in the firstcase, so i can access the loginpage from the panel with “/admin” and i can login aswell. But now all the links in the panel are still refering to “/panel”. So i cant switch to another tab or edit a page.
If i change the slug via /site/config/config.php this error is fixed.

It seems like a bug to me, but maybe i miss smth.
Any ideas on this?

@texnixe hi, have you got any idea about that? :slight_smile:

No, that would need debugging, probably related to loading order. But quite seriously, I wonder why you want to define settings like the Panel slug which is really something intrinsic to a particular installation, in a plugin. A plugin, imho, should have only general settings.

I actually wonder if it should even be allowed to set such settings from a plugin.

A i see. I am not creating a public Plugin. Its only meant for my customers, where i will be the webmaster aswell. But i think in this case i will just leave this part out of the plugin / theme and set the slug in the config