Simple image field

In other CMS’s I have always used simple file / image fields where the user can just pick a file from their computer to set as the value on the file - does this exist for Kirby? The default image field is a little confusing for clients…

I don’t know of any field that does that. As far as I know, all image fields for Kirby expect that you upload a file first and then pick the one you need. You could create a custom field yourself, though.

Interesting - I guess for me its just not immediately obvious that you have to upload files first - The field looks a bit broken without any images uploaded. I will look at making a custom image field.

Alternatively, you could use help in the blueprint or the info field to explain to a user what to do:

   label: An image
   type: image
   help: Please drag a file from the files panel on to this field.

nice thanks @jimbobrjames.

Are the any plugins that enhance the files sidebar to show images, rather than file names ?

There sure is … Preview Files Plugin

If you don’t want to upload anything this is an alternative:

But I should probably use the help like @jimbobrjames suggested.

thanks @jenstornell, it’s not about not uploading anything, rather cutting out the extra steps of uploading to files panel . , find the right image based on filename and then dragging across.

@jimbobrjames perfect, thanks!

BTW: Did you know you can just drag files from your file system into the Panel (i.e. without having to click “Add” and then select).

I did thanks @texixe, but I thought I would be able to the same to the image field.