Simple CI/CD and host recommendation that preserves `/content`?

I don’t do coding much, especially backend. So I’m really glad to find Kirby that requires really minimum of PHP knowledge (I’m mainly frontend).

However, in the past few days I’ve been struggling to find a hosting & deployment solution that would match the following criteria:

  • I can build and test the site locally, running on nginx (Laravel Valet works perfectly right now!);
  • Deploy to production URL on commit to Github master branch;
  • Be able to write content on production site without going through Git (or at least painlessly. I don’t want to write content locally and then push changes that are /content/ only);
  • Don’t die from all the manual devops routines;
  • (optional) Have automated backups.

The best I could find so far is DigitalOcean App-Platform. It’s super simple, and starts at $5! A few clicks to pull from your repo, it configures server for you based on your code, so all is great (though I do have some separate issues with it, but I think it’s just my fault.

But the main issue with it—it destroys instances on each deployment. So it means that it will destroy everything that’s not part of the repo. Which is not a very friendly approach to a headless CMS seems like?

Curious what you think or if you can recommend something that would meet the needs!

Thank you!

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Not sure if it could work out, but maybe something like uberspace in combination with gitlab ci/cd might work out.

Regarding backups that would be covered for the last 30 days.

You can probably exclude the content directory in your .gitignore.