DigitalOcean nginx php app: /panel is 404, but works locally


So I set up a DigitalOcean app to pull from Github repo and run heroku-php-nginx to deploy to a URL.

Locally the repo works normally via Laravel Valet with nginx as well, but when deployed I can’t seem to access the /panel.

Since deployed without content folder (as suggested to add it to .gitignore), I manually created /content/home/home.txt to test the Home page—it works, but with no styles, for some reason, even though /assets/ are deployed.

I turned on my debug and installation in config.php as this is the first deployment. Not seeing any logs though, and the panel is still inaccessible.

I also did run

find -type f | xargs chmod 644 ; find -type d | xargs chmod 755

just to exclude the write access issue—no luck.

Would appreciate any help!

Switched to heroku-php-apache2 and got the /panel running. However I’d really prefer it to work over nginx :thinking:

Also just noticed that assets are apparently not loading because of this:


If you use nginx, you need a configuration that is similar to what is in the default .htaccess, see this cookbook recipe for an example configuration: Running Kirby on a Nginx web server | Kirby CMS