Simple Asset Management with Download as ZIP file

Hello together,

is there a Kirby plugin or something alike where a user can collect several assets (images, files) and once ready download them all together as a ZIP file?

Similar like a shopping cart but only for image and file assets.

THX, Yves

I haven’t seen a plugin yet, but it should be pretty easy to do:

  • Add each selected file to an array in the user’s session
  • Once the user downloads the ZIP, get the array of files and add the files to a ZIP using the PHP ZipArchive class
  • Send the ZIP file contents to the user with the correct mime type

Could you suggest me a German PHP developer with whom I can implement such functionalities in an existing website?

I just sent you a direct message in the forum. :slight_smile:

Has this been developed as a standalone plugin ?

Just asking so I don’t lose time making it :slight_smile:

Maybe a beginning:

This plugin may also be useful -