Simple Ajax tutorial for Kirby?


I’m trying to implement a really simple ajax page load effect for content to fade in and out. I scoured the forums and didn’t get very far. I’m an anbsolute beginner regarding ajax and willing to learn. Kirby was the main reason I know have a passing understanding of PHP. I also tried the ajax tutorial on the kirby page but it’s missing the content and it’s for the old version of kirby. So if anyone could help me I would be super happy! :smile:

So the gist of it:
I have a simple fixed header with the navigation and a footer. I would like to load the content in between these elements dynamically from the navigation. Simple way to do this and get started with ajax?

You might want to check out this example I posted yesterday: Need help with Ajax requests with Kirby. The basics are always the same, you just need to adapt this for your use case.

Would something like this be of use to you? It’s a theme I made a while back with AJAX page loading.